By: Sean Gallagher

The vision of Playball Dreams is to provide a place where every kid can receive the highest quality instruction possible as they explore their maximum potential as an athlete. We strive to provide all ball players, regardless of family’s financial status, the opportunity to DREAM BIG and the support needed to chase those dreams.

We are committed to providing a program in a safe environment where our kids can flourish from an early age, building self-confidence through the valuable lessons the game has to offer, and creating the space necessary for players to have the very best experience playing the game.

Since 2010, Playball Prospects has helped 30 kids, from schools throughout the Rogue Valley, receive athletic scholarships to play at the collegiate level while receiving an education.. Our greatest gift, as coaches, is the passion and vision to truly be able to help our athletes develop and proactively put them on the true path to becoming a collegiate student athlete.
Every year our program is at capacity and we need our community’s help to keep growing our vision so that we can help every child who wishes to explore their talent and potential.

We are in need of improved facilities, to hire more qualified staff for our ever growing program and the necessary funds to continue to provide our youth the best playball experience possible; an experience that creates memories for a lifetime, which we believe should be available to every child with the desire to dream big.