All Skills Winter Program


This is our 13th year committing to a Winter Baseball/Softball Program with the mission of developing baseball/softball players to reach their full potential, focusing on high-level mechanics at the time when it counts most, and that is not during the regular season, but the off-season.

The year-end result, overall experience, and success that ballplayers achieve in the regular season is a direct result of the sacrifice they make in the off-season.

It takes hours and hours of repetition, technically sound repetition, to make baseball/softball your craft.

The Winter Program equips each athlete with the tools to take luck out of the game.

This program is a commitment by both players and coaches to make next season, and every season, a great experience, while adding to the building blocks that are necessary for every player’s journey towards becoming a collegiate student-athlete. At completion of Playball Prospects Winter Program, players will have a great understanding of what it takes to be successful within the great game of baseball/softball. They will know what it means to work extremely hard, sacrificing their time and energy in an effort to achieve their maximum potential and achieve their personal goals.

The program:

* Batting:

❖ Proper Hitting Mechanics that will maximize each player’s swing
❖ Inside/outside coverage, both Lefty and Righty off speed pitches, velocity
❖ Pitch identification
❖ Mental Approach

Batting has benefitted most from the growth of technology.

The misconceptions, regarding batting, range from confusing to the just absurd. Each Player will undergo video analysis with the use of HITTRAXX and each frame of his swing will be broken down so that the ballplayer can see and truly understand what it means when a coach tells him not to “leak forward” or to “stay back”.

Players will build confidence in and know their swings better than anyone else, so that batters can make the necessary game time adjustments on their own and be successful in all hitting situations.

* Pitching

Mechanics: Players will learn the proper mechanics of pitching and have a delivery tailored to their natural physical attributes.

Off-Season health and pitching program

❖ Long Toss – Arm Development and Health
❖ Dry Workouts keying on Mechanics and Emotional Focus
❖ Bullpens/Spotting – using the entire zone (inside and out) 8 locations
❖ 3 Pitch Arsenal:  develop legitimate 3 pitch arsenal
❖ Sequencing Pitches Properly
❖ Battery Guidance – educating your catchers to help in your success
❖ Pick off moves – holding runners on

Pitching Milestones:

  • achieve first pitch ball/strikes ratio of 73% or better
  • develop 3 pitches with accuracy levels of 72% or better
  • effectively hit 8 pitch locations with an accuracy goal of 72%
  • Establish one “Command Pitch”

(ability to command one pitch, one location and hit the mark 80+% of the time in any situation).


How do we get there?

  • Pitching workouts will be recorded using Rapsodo (leading technology for pitching analysis)
  • Use Rapsodo video and analytics to identify pitcher’s progress and deficiencies.
  • Constant improvement and refinement on mechanics
  • Charting will identify strengths and weaknesses and will allow our pitching instructors to customize each workout depending on the individual’s statistical weaknesses.

* Catching

Proper Primary, Secondary and Throwing Techniques:

❖ Framing
❖ Setup – Stretching the Zone
❖ Blocking
❖ Pop Time – Transfers and foot work for throwing down to all bases
❖ Field Generalship
❖ Sequencing – calling pitches properly

* Infield:

❖ Footwork
❖ Last Hop and Double Play Techniques
❖ Glove Work

* Advocacy and Direct Recruiting:

Educate high school players and parents on the true path to collegiate baseball/softball.

Depending on age and skill level, it is our focus to make your ballplayer visible to “baseball/softball” programs at the next level; giving them the best chance of being seen and recruited.

How do we become visible?

  • We will create video profiles, a combination of BP sessions and live video taken throughout a player’s JR. and SR. seasons, showcasing your player’s strengths to coaches at any and all institutions that your ball player may want to attend, and this happens at the beginning of a player’s Jr. year and only when a ball player’s mechanics are sound, and techniques have been mastered.
  • Direct Recruiting and Follow-up as milestones are reached throughout the regular season to make sure they get the best possible visibility by years end.

Pricing & Refund Policy Information:

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